Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen fings I did wile Mommie waz aways ta shows her I waz mad dat she lefted.

1. Lotsa mai fwiends cam ova ta pway THOE and dwive da neybor ladie nutsy. Fanks guys!

2. I fownd owt I donna hafta wates fur Mommie ta opens da bwinds on da winnows. I can jus push rite throo dem now.

3. I gave da neybor lady da bitey wen she twied ta gives me scritches.

4. I cwied all nite long. It woke up da neybor lady. She came ova an I wented ta beds. Afer she went home, I stawted cwyin agan. She had ta spen da nites ta keeps me happies.

5. Der arr holes in da rain room curtains. Dey wer blokin mai way to da bwinds so I cwawed dem tyl dey mooved.

6. I dumped da woofies water dish all ova da food room flor. Neybor lady cweened it up.

7. Der usta be a bag of tem-tay-shuns on toppa da talky box. I ated it all up. Yum.

8. Mommie haz teef an cwaw marks on her huntin shoos now.

9. Soes duz her weather jackit.

10. Ummmm, I puts a hole in da woofies piwwow on da cowch. Mommie had ta sow it closed.

11. Alla mai toyz dat Mommie gaves me afor she lefted arr missin. I fink dey is unner da cowch or da cold fud box.

12. Sum of da woofie toyz arr missin too. I put dose unner da big bed. Mommie canna reech dem.

13. An acorse I ignoreded da Mommie fur a hole day wen she gots home. Dis iz da bestest way to tells her dat I no likey wen she goes away an it better not happens agan.

Dis waz da firstest tym Mommie eva wents away frum me fur da hole nites! I hads no wun ta sweeps wif at nites (well, tyl #4 happened, den I waz happies). But I lurve mai Mommie an misseded her soo much wen she waz gones.

Oh Oh Oh, gess wat! She took me to da owtsyds las nite on mai harness. Ummm, I donna lyks da owtsyds AT ALL. I ran arown all cwazy twyin ta gets bak in da howsie an I culdna fins da way in. Der waz lowd noisies an dis green stuff unner mai paws an neybor woofies too! I fink mai harness will jus hafta be fur twips to da Petco store cuz I donna lyks it at all.

Note from Mommie: Yes I took Chance out on his harness last night and as soon as I set him down on the grass he started to run around in circles trying to get the grass to stop touching him. He totally spazzed out like a crazy person. Next thing I know he is climbing me like a tree and perching on my shoulder like a parrot. He always looks so interested in what is going on outside when he is nose planted to the window so I just assumed he would love to be outside. Any ideas?


Daisy said...

Chance, it sounds like you had a great time when your mom left you overnight!

I do not know why you did not enjoy going out on your harness and leash. When I go Outside, I usually stay on the brick patio. The grassy part makes me a little bit nervous.

Anonymous said...

Great job, Chance. That should give your Mom a very clear idea of how you feel about her being gone overnight! If don't like the outside and the grass, just don't do. Inside is good, too!!

Tesla and Hansel said...

I waz scairt of da grassies da first tim mommeh took me outs... i sat on a bench out der wif her. But i didna wanna be by her eiver, i jus didna wanna be on da grassie. I acted all scairt of everyting.

Den, mommeh took meh out today, and den i calmed down, she took me on da bench again. I sat der for a bit den i jumped on da grassie on meh own, den i met dis tree... and nomed some grassie... grassie is good to nom! so is clover and leaves and... and... pretty much anyfing mommeh doesna yell at meh fer nomin!

Anonymous said...

Now, I was once a homeless cat, so grass doesn't bother me. But my sister Lizzie was afraid to go outside at all for years. Then one day she decided she was ready, I guess, because she walked slowly onto the deck, and eventually onto the sidewalk, and finally into the cool green grass. Now she loves going out and having adventures (as long as she can get her human Mama to chaperone her).

Evergreen loves Kilroy said...

Hahaha! Chance, you not only made it very clear how mad you were... but you drove the point home!!

Mommy sometimes tries to take me or Macy out on our harnesses cuz we always act like we wanna go outside... but we totally freeze up because it's so foreign to us, and we sniff around until we get more comfortables.

Samantha & Mom said...

Chance you are so cool! That was a great T13 and we bet your Mommy never goes away again! (hehehehe) We like grass! It's fun to eat and hide in when it's real tall! Give it a second chance! Oh cool we made a pun!!
Your FL furiends,

Motor Home Cats said...

Chance - you really showed your mommy that you were angry at her for leaving you. We love that you got the neighbor to come over and sleep with you.

We aren't a big fan of our harness, but we love going outside. Mom won't let us out with out the harness, so we have to wear it. Keep trying - it might get better with familiarity.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

Sunny's Mommy said...

Chance, you did an excellent job showing your Mommie your displeasure at her leaving you.

For your Mommie: I would just take him outside your front door and go no further. Put him down for a bit and then let him walk back in when he wants. Take him out for no more than 5 minutes or so at a time every few days. Once he calms down and realizes he can go back to the inside whenever he wants, he'll probably start to get interested in some things he sees near him and want to check them out.

Does Chance tolerate wearing the harness when he is NOT outside? If he doesn't like the harness on him at all, then you have 2 issues making him not liking the outside. If he doesn't like it, put it on him occasionally in the house, and try to walk him a little bit in it.

Outside an be very scary, especially the loud noises. But if you take it gingerly I think he'll come to like it.

I had a cat a long time ago that would go outside on a leash. She actually went fishing with my ex husband and myself at the local canal (she would be on the leash. The only thing she hated was people walking by, she'd crouch down in the grass so they couldn't see her LOL) When the cat and I moved here, she did not like it. I guess because the yard was strange to her? But eventually she got to where she'd lead me to whatever she wanted to check out in the yard. I started out at the back door and only kept her out as long as she wanted.

Quinn and Angel brandi said...

some indoor kitties just totally freak outside.
its okay.
stay on the non-grassy parts.

The Furry Bambinos said...

Hi Chance and Chance's Mommie!

Padre and Panda Bear love to go outside, but Meerkat freaks out. So she stays inside.

Clyde (one of the cats who came before) liked to go outside, but not on the grass. He was fine on the cement patio, but he was terrified of the grass. So Clyde just explored the patio, and all was well!

Let Chance tell you what he wants to do as far as going outside. Apparently, he is very good at communicating! :-)

Sue, The Furry Bambinos' Mom