Monday, May 4, 2009

An update.....

I told Mommie that I was super popular and that my friends would not stand the injustice that has been going on around here. It is totally unacceptable to ignore my blog when she goes to the library once a week. She reads all the e-mails and posts from my friends, but never finds the time to respond. I meow and meow at her to get a move on, but sometimes that bean is stupid stubborn. She says that she is busy sending her green papers to something called bills, but that is no excuse. Besides, it's not my fault the library only gives you one hour of puter time. She just needs to find a better way to use that time. Forget bills, and bloggy!!

Okay so enough whining and time for an update. Mommie is hunting at nights now and thats just fine with me. I of course get to spend my day times napping on Mommie which as you all know is the bestest way to nap. And then when Mommie goes out at night to do her hunting stuff I get to "play" with my sister and Shadow. We are all doing okay. Well Shadow is getting old and grumpy and Mommie has been telling me to stop pesting him all the time. She has no idea how much fun it is to make him all growly and chase me. Hehehe.

Other than that, things are pretty much the same. We are all doing good and of course miss all of you. I have heard whispers of something called a diet, but I'm not real worried yet. I have noticed a significant decrease in treats lately, but Imp and I are scheduling a protest of late night noise till the problem is rectified. Hope all of you are well and happy.



PeeEss: Mommie is shopping for computers right now and has found lots of places close to home with free WiFi (whatever that is). Hopefully your beans can tell you if this is good news or not.