Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bye Bye For Now

As all the beans on the evil facebook know, my Mommie gotted fired from her day hunting place on Friday. Since we don't have a puter at our home this means we have to stop blogging for a while. Right now we are using Grampa's computer which has a case of the super slows and we will be lucky if this posts. Mommie said some day we can come back to blogging and all of our blogging friends, but for now we must say goodbye. We will miss you all and are soo truly happy and blessed to have met every single one of you. Without you I would not have my Mommie. It's your love and support that helped us to give Imp a warm loving home and endless supplies of warmth and food. We will never forget you and hope that when things improve you will not have forgotten us either. We are not going to say goodbye, just goodbye for now. We will come back someday, we just hopes its soon and not later.

Puuuuuurrrrrrrrsssssssss, Lovey Paws and Woofie Licks

Chance, Little Imp, Shadow


Nelle (A.k.a. Mommie)

Friday, January 16, 2009

Freezing Friday

Fuzzy Fleece Blanket = check
Rattly Mice Toys = check
Dairy Tem-tay-shuns = check

Okay, that's it. Imp stole the good spot next to the heater. I'm outta here. It's way too cold! I'm going to Nina's for some super warm snuggling. Mommie, I'll be home in time for stinky goodness supper........maybe.



Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thinking on Thursday

I'm thinking that some beans will do anything for green papers. Even put poor little furries in danger and that's not cool. Take this guy as example. He even pretended to be a female V-E-T!! I hope none of my friends in Mew Jersey got duped by him.



Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wide Wednesday

WIDE?!?! Whats that supposed to mean Mommie??

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tortie Tuesday - Update

Sins da Mommie haz been furry sikky she furgots ta tell efurrywun bowt mai belly bump. See she waz startin ta gets wurried soes she called da V-E-T. Dey tol her ta bwing me in on da saturday. I waz not happies cuz dis iz da day uv da weeks dat we gets ta cuddles wif Mommie all day an it cut inta mai cuddle tyms. Anyhoo, dat V-E-T felted mai tummie an der iz no more bumpies. So da V-E-T sed dat Mommie waz prolly rite and it waz yukky wurmie bumps an not babies. Stoopid V-E-T. Jus ta mayk shur dey tuk pyctoors uv mai belly insydes and der iz nuffin der. Soes dats da upydayt bowt mai belly bumps. Oh an now Mommie sez I am in heets. I donna noes wat dat meens, sept now I canna haves mai ladygardenectomy fur a lyttle wiles.

In udder noos, Uncle Josh got a kittie!!! Her naym iz Zoe and she iz furry cyoot wif reely long, speckly furs. She iz kinna a hussy kitten cuz she lurves da show of her tummie furs.

But shes cyoot anywais. Hehehe.

Puuurrrrrrrssssssssssssss & Lovey Paws


Monday, January 12, 2009

Man-Cat Monday

We are ignoring the Mommie today for ignoring us all last week.
At least we got her to see how cute we were and take pictures.

Bout Friggin Time!

Chance & Imp

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thoughtfull Thursday

Just wanted to let you all know how thoughtfull I am.

See last night Mommie had to work. I know this means she will not be able to snuggle with me and my sister until it's time for bed. So being the thoughtfull kitteh that I am, I spent the evening snuggling (and wrestling a little bit too) with my sister. Of course this has nothing to do with liking her. Not in the slightest. I only did it because I know she needs the snuggles more than I do and if she was all snuggled out then I would get Mommie all to myself at night. Again, sorry no pictures, but by the time Mommie got the flashy thing to document the evidence of me being nice to Imp, I was long gone. She was soo disappointed she went to bed without taking any pictures. *sigh*



PeeEss: Just a by the way, it worked. I got to snuggle with Mommie all night while Imp played with a toy mousie. Hehehe. It pays to be thoughtfull.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wordy Wednesday

Well its been a rough start to the new year for us, but things are finally getting better. Poor Mommie has been really really sick and was almost sent to the Bean V-E-T hospital. She said she had that nasty flu bug in her stomach and it was making her extract everything in her body it not so fun ways. Her doctor was worried she would be dehidrateds or something. Luckily she got it under control and was able to stay out of the hospital. That would have been no fun at all. I would miss my Mommie too much! So since she is still recooperating, we don't have any pictures. But hopefully soon we will be back up and blogging like normal. Hope everyone elses new year started out lots better.