Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Iz gonna twies mai fyrst thursday thirteen fur yoos today. Sinse itz mai fyrst Iz just gonna do sum wandum stuff today. Okie heer wee goes.

1. Shadow an I styll donna lykes eech utter much. He donna lyke wen I twies to cuddles wit him an I no lykes wen he twies to likkey my face. But da grrrrring an da hissy haz stoppded. Mommie iz still hopeyfull dat wen I gwows owt of my "kitten" stage Shadow will lykes me more.

2. Iz been reel gud at not givin Mommie da bitey anymur. I noes she donna lykes it soes I bitey utter tings insted lyke mai toys. Shes furrry happy bowt dis.

3. I fownd ware Mommie hideys da new toys dat she no gives to me yet. Wen she goes to da Pet store she buys lots of new toys, but only gives me sum of dem. Dat ways wen I gets bored wit mai toysies, I gots new wuns rite away to intewest me. She keeps dem on top of da bookshelf (dat haz no books on it cuz dey arr all still in boxes). Wun day I will gets dem. Wun day.....

4. I am not intewested in mai stinky goodness since the V-E-T made me takes pills fur da wormies in my tummies. Da wormies arr all gones an I styll only eets a wittle bits of mai stinky goodness. Da V-E-T sed dis iz normal ans I will eets it again wens I iz redy. She sed no wurries az long as I eets mai crunchies.

5. I haz fownd da wunders of da talky box an I lurves it an we dunna evan havs da animal channel. Mommie lets me watchy da PBS durin da day wen she goes huntin. Dey havs sum gud coworfull pwogwams on. I lykes to watchy da cowors on da talky box.

6. I iz currently upsets wit mai Mommie cuz she kiwwed my kitteh gwass. Luks at it, itz soo sads. Itz turnin bwown an Mommie hads to frow it owt cuz its no gud. *sigh* I tolds yoo she waz no gud wit da pwants. If it dunna eats an poops, den she kiwws it.

(Note from Mommie: I am pretty sure the fact that Chance feels he has to lay on top of his grass helped with its demise.)

7. I am also not happies wit da Mommie rite now cuz she is neva homes to pway wit me. She been soo buzies da past too weeks she only haz tyme fur sleep an huntin. Her fwiends thru three birfday parties fur her an she wents to all of dem. Hoo needs THREE birfday parties anyway? Den she sed she haz utter stuff ta do lykes lawndwy an fud shoppins. Oh an las nite her fwiend called an invites her owt fur sumting call carry-o-keeys contest. An den she wun da contest an stays owt weel layt celebwatin. I tink Iz mor inpawtant den dat.

8. I lyke da woofie toys. I tak his toysies an runns off wit dem. He gots wun dat has dees cool tales on it an I gwabs it frum him an hides it unner da bed ware he canna gets it an Mommie haz to finds it fur him. Itz grate funs.

9. Iz stawted to cwimbs up on tings now. Mommie iz happies bowt dis cuz it meens my old boo boo dosna hurts me. Mommie iz not happies bowt dis cuz I keep twyin to lay on top of da hot-box. Dis mayks her nurvass.

10. Shadow an I arr havin a cowch war rite now. He sayz da best spot on da cowch is his spot an I not alowd to lays der. But weneva he moves frum da spot (wich iz not a lots) I jumps up reel fast lyke an takes it.

11. Mai noo fav toy iz dis pom pom ting on a spwing wit a cool bell on its. It bownses bakk an forth and bakk an forth an da bell keeps wingin an I pownce it and its grate fun. Mommie moved it owts of da sleepy room doh so I canna pway wit it at nite. Iz slowly dwaggin it bakk in. Hehe.

12. Mommie gots abowt a squillyun cans of stinky goodness fur me frum Granpa. Granpa is reely nyce an gives me all da stuff his kitteh willna eets (she old an pikky). Too bads Iz not eetin mai stinky goodness huh Mommie..........Hehehehehehehe

13. Myne Mommie duz not havs her own compyutur. She haz to do all my typins wen she at her day huntin pwace. Gud ting her bossy does not minds at all. He sez az long az she get her huntin stuff dun she can uze da spare tymes bwoggin fur me. Hez a nyce bossy evan if Mommie dosna tink soo all da tyme. But she canna always leev mai comments fur mai fwiends. Dis not soo gud.

Holy Cwap dat iz a lots of stuffs. Thirteen tings is hard to cum up wit. I donna noe how sum kittehs do it evawy week. Yoo guys arr jus pawsum kittehs. Maybe nex tyme I do dis I will pikkys a topic an no do da wandum agans. Iz ezawsted *YAAWWNNZZ* I needs a nappy.



Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tuxie Toesday

Fur sum weasun Mommie tinks its cyoot wen I sits lyke dis on da cowch.

Wateva, Iz jus cumfy dis way. Pwus it mayks gud to watchy da blak talky box ting.

An heers da cwose up of da toesies fur toesday. Pweese doona luk at Mommies ugwy cowch. It hurtys da eyez. Hehehehehe, sowwy Mommie but it duz.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Mini-ManCat Monday

Mommie haz red all da comments frum mai fwiends and we fink we will use da third piccy. Tanks efurrywun fur yor helps. We will E-Mails it owt today fur da M-Cat club to make it a badgey fur me. Yay!

Soes dis mornign I tawt I wuld shows yoo hows a Mini-Mancat spens his Caturday wit his new cubey. Dis is a new games I pwayed all weekends an mayd da Mommie laff weal lowds too.

Fyrst I hideys in it an stairs at my track-ball.

Den I sticks owt mai paw and whaps da ball to makes it moove.

Wen itz rollin reel gud I jumps owt of da cubey and ATTACK!! Acorse den I hideys in mai cubey an does it all ova agan. Mommie waz laffin at me soo much da woofie tawt sumfing waz wrong and started likkin her facey. Hehehehe. It waz a gwate weekend.



Friday, January 25, 2008

Finkin Friday

Iz been finkin bowt my pwofile pyctoor fur da M-Cat cwub. Mommie tuk sum piccys of me last nite to choosey frum.

I lyke dis firs wun, buts yoo onwy sees haf mai facey.

Dis wun I lykes too cuz yoos can see mai claws, buts Iz too far aways.

An in dis wun I luk lyke Iz finkin reel hard bowt summin. I tink it wuld be a gud luk fur my badgey but Iz not shur. Wat do yoo fink?

Peee Essss - Tanks to all da kitties hoo wishded myne Mommie a happy birfday. She gots all leeky eyes an waz sayin stuff bowt how sweets yoo alls arr. Yoos maded her day!


Thursday, January 24, 2008

Happy Birfday Mommie!

Today is myne Mommies birfday! Happy Birfday Mommie. She sed she iz spose to get da pwesents, but she give me wun insted. She wen ta "wall-greens" fur sumtin an found da cavey I wantsted!

Itz soooo coool! Itz jus my size and I wuvs da cowor of it too cuz, well, it matcheys me (sorta).

And der arr dese gweat wibbons in da middles of it (jus lyke muh cave).

Dis was soo much fun to pway wit I fellz asweep rite away in my cubey and dats ware Iz gonna stays. Mommie I soes gwad itz yur birfday cuz dis cubey is da bestest pwesent eva!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Pwetty Fowers Fur a Pretty Kitty

Sins da pwetty Pixel is havin a tuff tyme decidsen woo is gunna be her vawentyne, I tawt I wuld ummmmm, help her. Soes I gots sum fowers fur her. Hey arr pwetty an colurful jus lyke her. Doo yoo tink she will lykes dem????

Des wuns cum in a weally neat glas dat she culd dwink owt.
An des cum in a basket dat she culd use fur snugglin in.

I does hopes she lykes dem. Iz gunna goes an gives dem to hers. Wish me luck fwiends.

Pee Ess - Tanks fur da idea to my Bro Hendrix. Yoo rokk!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Wells itz toesday wunce agan soes heres muh toes. Mommie lurves my speckled wittle tuxie toesies. She gives dem da kissies all da tyme and I jus let her. I dunna mynd long as she no cut my cwaws anymur. I didna lykes dat at all.

Evens muh bak toes arr speckled. Hehehehe. I wuldna let Mommie gets a good piccy oof dem doh, but yoos can kinna see dem. May be dis shuld be a tummy shot? We can jus mayke it Tuxie Tummie Toesday!

Ohz an da wuvely Millie tagged me fur a Meme!

It's nice and simple, all you need to do is tell everyone 3 things that are new with you! Link it back to the purrson who gave it to you and pass it on to 3 more kitties you'd like to know more about! :)

So here goes, the 3 things that are new with me are:

1. I havna been given Mommie da bitey soes much wately. I lykes her cuddles mor dan da bitey.

2. Donna tell Shadow, buts I weally lykes his toys. See wen I bats my toyz awound da floor, dey get stuk unner furrnituurres. Shadows toyz donna gets stuk unner da lower furrniturres lyke myne do. Soes I bats hiz toys instead.

3. Iz jus started gweeting Mommie wen she cums home. I used to jus wate till she cam finded me. But now wen she get home, she tak Shadow owt fur his walky and I run an wate fur her on my cowch. Dat way wen she cum in frum da cold owtsyde, I can warms her up rite away.

Now I has to tag 3 mur kittehs so Iz gunna tag

Wels dats all fur today. Iz gonna go snakk on my gwass an den take a nap.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday Munchin

Chek it owt. My Mommie gots me supwise.......

My vewy own kitty gwass! It waz vewy yummy.

I keeped dwoppin it on muh gizzy doh an hads to find it.

But it tased soooo gud I culd not stops eetin it.

Okay Mommie, enuff wit dat flashy box. Iz twyin to eets heer.

Maybe Iz jus haves wun more den yoo can puts it back in da winnow so it can gwows biggur.

I weely lyked my kitty gwass. Mommie sez she was vewy happies dat it grew cuz she alwayz kills plants. She sez if it dunna breeeth, eets, or poops, she wuld prolly kills it. hehehehe. Iz gwad I eets and breeeth.

Haz yoo all mets Pixel yet? Shes a vewy cyoot and sweet girl kitty dats my owns age. Shes a weal purrrrty calico kitten. I sawz her pyctoor on Queen Snicker's Single Kitties Love Cafe. Mommie sed I waz too yung fur dat syte, but I wents anyways an Iz soo gwad I did. I tolls Mommie dat utter kitties my age (an yunger too) arr goin to da syte to luks fur vawentynes an Iz gonna be da only kitteh witowt a vawentyne dis yeer if she no let me go. I tink I purrrrrrswaded her cuz she sez its otay iffen I wanna havs a pway date. Oooooo, Iz soo cited to meets sum otter kitties and make lottsa new fwiends! I jus gotsta fynd da rite pyctoor to post fur my Mini-Mancat Pwofyle. Hmmmmmmmmmm. Iz gunna go tink it over wit sum mor kitty gwass.


(Pee-Ess) Lotsa kittehs been askin ware to fin da nip nanners dat I lurve soo much. Mommie sed she gots mynes from The Animal Rescue Site. But she sed yoo can also gets dem at too. Hopes yoo all gets a nip nanner. Dey got da ceegars too for da older kittehs.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Fun Fwidayz

I gots anudder award! My big brofur Monty Q gaves me dis awardy. He's soo nyce an he sez I mayks his day. Iz soo gwad to have all my bwoggy fwiends I want to gives dis to all of yoo cuz yoo all mayke my day, evewyday. If yoo donna havs dis on yur bwoggy yets, pwease takes it and puts it up der soo all da innernets noes dat da bestest kittehs in da wurld arr rite here on da bwogosphere!

Nows fur sum fun wit da nip. NIP. NIP. NIP. NIP. NIP. NIP. NIP. NIP. NIP.

I hadz lottsa fun pwayin wit my nanner today. Oh an sees how small my boo boo is now? well dis mornin affer Mommie tuk da piccys, da scab fells off and itz all heeled! I soo happies cuz it was itchies. But Iz all bettur now.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Thank Yoo Mommie fur da gweat chin skritches. And fur da stinky gudness dat makes muh tummy luk biggy.




Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Wednesday Wooohoooooooo

Yoos waz all vewy cwose to gessin my new toy. Gud Job!

It iz cwinkly, but itz not a bag or sakk or tunnul...............

Itz a Cave!!

Firs I hadz ta sniffy it to makes sur it wazzunt a mean tunnul

Den I splored da insydes of it.

Der arr weal fun wibbons hangsin frum the middul of it.

I cwinbded insyd to chekk dose owt a byt.

Of corse den I hadz to gets muh toyz and takes dem in wit me fur a nappy.

Mommie sez diz cave haz no metuls in its. Itz all pwastic insides so no pokey tings to hurts me again. An itz spose to uh-tach to da wed cubeys dat sum of da utter kittehs have, but dey all owt of dem rite now so I hazta wates a little fur dose. I dunna mynd doh. I lykes my cave. I evan sleeped heer all nite an didna goes to bed wit Mommie at all. So dis mornin Mommie puts muh warmy pad in itz soes Iz gunna nappy in heer all day too. An da bestest part is da Woofie no fits soes itz all myne!


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tuxie Tunnel Tuesday

Iz dunno y, but Mommie waz vewy happies to sees me in my ol tunnel. I twy to tells her it waz jus da bad tunnel I didna lyke no more. Dis tunnel neva hurty me. Evan if itz too smalls fur me now. I lyke to hides in heer an gwab at Mommies wegs wen she walky by me. Hehehe, itz fun and sumtymes makes her danse awound lyke she gunna falls ova! She sed itz styll gud news dat I lykes tunnels an stuf cuz da man in da bwown twuck is bwinging me a new box today an she wuz wurried I wuldna lyke what waz in da box.

I wunner wat it iz. She sez it not a tunnel, but it will mak da same cwinkly noisy dat da tunnel made. An itz all pwastic and nywon (wateva dose arr) so no owies. Oh wellls. I jus gonna pway in muh tunnel tyll da bwown twuck gets here. Iz gonna tell yoo watz in da box tomorrow. Sees if yoo can guess!



Monday, January 14, 2008

Monday Update

My Mommie wented all da wayz to Petco gain to tellz dem bowt my tunnel. Da man she talkeded to was weal wurreed bowt me and askes all kinna qwestyuns. Den askded if Mommie culd gets a copee of da papers frum da V-E-T. So Mommie calls dem up and dey fass it rite ova to da Petco store. Den dey mayd Mommie fills owt all kinsa papers at a desssk in da office room. Da nyce Petco man sat on da floor an pets me da hole tyme an gaves me sum new bitey mousies. Den affer a squillion howrs, dey gav Mommie sum green papers and sed she wuld gets a letter in da black box on da road in a weeks fur her wecords an dat wuld tells her da owtcum of da incident weport.

Affer all dis I wuz tyred wen we gots home and Mommie waz styll not happies. She sez if dey donna do sumting den she will has to wevolt gainst dem an sumting bowt a boy-cot. I dunno wat dat is, but if she no lykes da Petco no mores, were she gunna gets my toys an foods?????

Mommie: Chance, we could always go to PetSmart. They have your food and all of your favourite toys there too. There are other pet stores we can go to. Don't worry.

Whew, okies Mommie. Den it no matter to me slong az I can go to doze stores too. Dat waz lottsa fun.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Awardy Fur Me!

Da mostest nyce royal kittehs Queen Snickers and Empress gaves me dis royal jewel crown awardy. Iz never gots an awardy afore an I so happies dat I gets to pass dis royal award to sumones who iz da jewel who saveded me. Mr. Hendrix an his Mommie an Daddie are da wuns hoo helpded me gets bettur wen I waz hurty and found me my furrever home! Dey gaves me wots of gud toyz and tuk gweat care of me wen I needsed sumwun da mostest. Dis is da most puurrrrfect awardy to givs to dem as fanks.

*Tunnel Update: Mommie gots a call frum da Petco store an dey sed to bwing da tunnel in and a picture of my owie to fills out a acsident weport. Den dey will puts a warnin on da pwoduct info to keeps othur kittehs safes. Mommie sez she will goes dis weeken to do dat and wez lets yoo all noe wut happns. She sez may be I go wit her to da store. Den dey can takes da pictyoor.

Haves a gud weekended to als muh fwiends! Puuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrsssssssssssssss