Monday, June 30, 2008

Friday, June 27, 2008

150th Post!

Today iz mai 150th blog posty!Mommie thawt it wuld be funs ta go bak to da beginnin tooday an see how fars I cames.
Dis pyctoor is frum afor I meted mai Mommie an I was living wif Mr. Hendrix an his beans.
An dis iz frum da day I mets mai Mommie for da fyrst tym! Dat waz a furry long day.
Dis iz me afer I got to mai furrever hom an gots mai fyrst nip nanner.
Here I am pwayin wif mai noo tent. I luvs dat tent.
Mai very fyrst tastey of cat grass. YUM!
Wen I gots mai cave wif da pretty wibbons ins it an crinkle pad.
Dis iz me yellin at da Petco beans after dat meen tunnell hurted mai facey.
Heer I am waitin an waitin fur mai fyrst birfday.
An heer I am wif mai birfday pressie! I styl luvs mai tent, but mai Hammick is da bestest.
An now I iz all gwown up. Fanks fur being mai fwiends an watchin me gwow frum a silly kitten to a big stwong Man-Cat. Da kitties of da bloggysphere arr da bestest kittehs evar (an acorse all der beans too!)

Puuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrsssssssss & Headbutts to all of you...


Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tattles on Thursday?

Well sins mai Mommie waz not feelin guds an we misseded tattle tale toosday, I iz gonna duz it tooday.

Okies heer goes.

Mommie iz hopless wen it cums to all da cool pyctoors yoo all can do. She twys an twys but she jus canna does it. See, Kilroy mayd a reel funneh comment yesserday bowt mai cardboard posins.

"If you were on top of a piano and had a microphone in one paw, I could imagine you singing lounge songs!"

Mommie an I fawt it wuld be reel funneh ta mayks a pyctoor of me on a piano wif a microfones singin lyk mai Mommie duz at her Kar-Eee-Okees. Wif bubbles an da words "tiny bubbles" floatins abuv me. But afer twyin an twyin she jus canna does it. She iz hopless. *sigh* I finks I needs a noo bloggie typer cuz she jus aynt cuttins it.



Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Monday, June 23, 2008

Man-Cat Monday

Dis iz mai noo favurite pwace ta nappie now. Shadow canna gets up heer an I gots a winnow ta luk owt too. It waz cuvered wif boxes untyl dis weeken. Mommie finawwy got rids of da boxes she used wen she moved in.......las yeer. Hehehehe. Fanks fur da noo nappie spot Mommie.



Friday, June 20, 2008

Funnies Friday

Hopes yoo all hav a gud weekend!



Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thawts on Thursday

I mayd Mommie tayks a test at dis websyt. Jus wanna mayk shur she reely noes wat shes doin rownd heer. I not shur I agrees wif da reesults. Yoo noe, cunsiderin dis weeks bad Mommie momens an all. Hehehe.



Wednesday, June 18, 2008

No Woofie Wednesday

Well I gotted mai extwa scritches an effuryfing las nite jus lyk all yoo guyz sed. But I iz keepin mai eyes on dat woofie fur a wile ta mayk shur it donna happens agan.



Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tikked Off Tuxie Tuesday

So las nite I waz lyin on Mommie getting mai bedtym scritches lyk I do efurry nite. Den dat stoopid payn in da butt woofie cam up on da bed an pusheded me off! An yoo noes wat Mommie did? She lets him do it! Jus cuz Shadow iz scaredy of da boom boom storms owtsyd, I gots booted frum da bed an missed owt on mai speshul tym wif Mommie. Shur she sed she will mayks it up to me to nite, but I hadta spen da hole nite in mai hammick. Donna gets me rong, I luv mai hammick, but I wuld hav ratter sleepy all nite in da big bed on Mommie lyk I does effury nites. Why shuld I hafta changie mai sleepy tym fur da stoopid scaredy dawg? I fink itz tym ta do sumfing bowt dat dawg.


Monday, June 16, 2008

Man-Cat Monday

Mommie waz gona agan all weeken an only cam home fur bedtym scritches. She sed itz cuz its nys an warm owtsyde so she will be bizzy lyk dis fur a wiles.

I fink she shuld stay homes wif me an Shadow fur a change.

May be sumday she wil lissen.


Friday, June 13, 2008

Tribute for Storm

A tribute to a furry strong kitteh named Storm.

May she find peace at the rainbow bridge.

Puuuuuuurrrrrrrrrssssssssssssssssss - Chance

Woofs and Lovey Licks - Shadow

Thoughts and Prayers - Mommie

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thawts on Thursday

I donna unnerstan mai Mommie at all. Fyrst she mayd da lowd sukky machine mad an he ated mai toys (Mommy: Which I pulled out and cleaned for you). Den she put waters all ova da floors an now I hasta stay on da taybl. I jus donna gets it at all. She callz it cweenin, but she neva don dis afor an I iz confyoozed. May be Shadow noes sumfin bowt dis cweenin bizness.



Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Woofie Wednesday

Hello Bloggysphere! Shadow here. Its been a few weeks since I have posted anything besides a wordless wednesday so I figured I would share with all of you some of the things that have been going on here since Chance turned one year old. 1. Mommie decided it was time to take away the kitten kibble. Chance is not happy with this and is eating my food instead of his own.

2. Since Chance is eating my food, I have been eating his. When he catches me eating his food he runs and cries to Mommie about it.

3. I get in trouble for eating his food and then Mommie puts more in his food dish. (At least someone is eating it)

4. Mommie has been spending a lot of time outside in the hotness without me. I keep asking her to take me out with her, but she says it is too hot for a black doggie.

5. I got to see grampa the other day. Mommie went over to his house to see him and she let me come along too! Grampa gives the best scritches.

6. No new toys for me have arrived lately. I keep telling Mommie I want new toys like Chance gets, but she says I only ever play with toys that squeak and I have enough of those. (thats what she thinks)

7. Mommie said that next time she buys my food, I will be getting a new flavor too. She says because of my tummy troubles, the V-E-T wants me to try something new to see if it helps.

8. No More People Food. Thats what the V-E-T said to Mommie. No More People Food. I do not like the sound of this at all.

9. Does No More People Food include pizza?

10. What about french fries?

Im a little worried about those last three because I LOVE people food. Especially french fries with ketchup and extra salt. MmmmMmmmm Yummy!



Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tuxie Tuesday - Tem Tay Shuns

Gud mornin Mommie. Can I haz sum tem-tay-shuns pweese? But I iz hungwy cuz yoo givs me da yukky fuds dat I donna lyks.
Nom, Nom, Nom, Fanks, Nom, Nom, Nom



Monday, June 9, 2008

Man-Cat Monday - Mousies

A wittle bit ago mai fwiend Daisy the Curly Cat did a postie on des cool mousies frum da Snow Leopard Trust. Well Mommie thawt dey wer furry cyoot so she gots me four of dem! Sept I alweddy losted two uf dem an she sed until I fins dem I canna hav da utter two. *Hmph* I noes war dey arr, Iz jus not gonna tells her.
Oh, Mommie sez sinse I am a full gwown man-cat now I can havs noo fud. No more kitten fuds fur me. Insted I gets wun kind (Mommie mixed mai kitten chow with a/d formula fur mai dygestyun). Sept, I donna lyk it at all an only eets stinky gudness now. Mommie is furry fwustwated wif dis noo devewopment. Hehehehe. I iz a gwown man-cat now an I haz demands! Givs me da gud fud or nofing at all! An I wants mai toyz too. No mor hidin dem frum me. Oo Oo an no more leevins fur hole dayz an only comin homes fur bedtym scritches. I needs moor scritches den dat in wun day. Oh an tells da woofie ta stop eetins mai crunchies. Just cuz I don eets dem, duzna meens he can. Hmmmmm, I fink I will hafta mayks a list of all da demands but fur now I iz gonna go nappies in mai hammick.



Friday, June 6, 2008

Finally Friday

Pleese go see Laila an her Mommie. The lovely Lilly went to the bridge an dey arr gonna needs yur puurrrsssss rite now. (Scroll down for Finally Friday)
Hooray fur Friday! Mommie sez it iz gonna be reel reel HOT dis weekend. Like a squillion degwees ur sumfing (close to 100°F). She sed dat meens we will be stayin in da howsie fur most of da weeken wif da cold air on. But shez leevins me on Saturday! She iz goin to sum myoosic festibal an will be gones all day. I am not happies bowt dis, but she sed she will be home in tym fur scritches afor bed soes I gess its okies.

I hopes all mai fwiends hav fun dis weeken an twy an stay cool wif da heet waves comin thru.



Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thawts on Thursday

Jus wunnerin why der arr no noo pyctoors of me ta post on Mommies flashy box. I jus luked an der arr noo pyctoors at all. I iz confyoosed. Mommie iz slakin a bit heer. Imma hafta gives her da bitey laters az pun...puni....cuz shez bad.

I gess insted of me, yoo will jus hafta settles fur a funnies.



Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Thankfull Tuxie Tuesday

Fyrst I wanna say fanks ta efurrywun hoo camed to mai birfday partay! Mommie sed she haz neva seen soo many kittehs an woofies pwayin in wun pwace afor. Hehehe. I hope yoo all had az much fun az I did. Corse I fink I may hav had too much funs cuz mai heady hurts. Mommie sez it iz called a nip-hangova. I donna cares wat itz called, I jus wanna naps in mai hammick. Mommie, bwings me sum water an tem-tay-shuns pweese. I canna lifty mai head.
Puuuurrrrrrrssssssssssss ZzzzzzZzzzzz


PeeEss Frum Mommie:

We will get around as soon as possible to thank each and everyone of you for coming and making this the best first birthday party possible.

The lurverly girls at Zoolatry mayded dis furry cyoot pyctoore fur mai birfday an I jus hads ta shares it wif efurrywun. Isna it byootafuls.......Fanks girls!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Man-Cat Monday - Happy Birfday!

Wats dat Mommie? Itz finawwy mai Birfday? An I gots a pressie too? Wow....Wat iz dis fing? A Hammick yoo say.
*sniff**sniff* Hmmmm it smells lyk a nudder kitteh. Itz DORF.
Itz softy an snuggly. Iz makin bizkits on it.
Ooooooo I see yur sposta lay in its.
Soooooooooo Comfy cozy. Fanks to all mai fwiends at Forty Paws fur the wunnerful Hammick. I loves it lots an spent mosta mai birfday nappings in it. Acorse dat waz wen I wasna eetin mai speshil stinky birfday gudness, or gettin extwa scritches frum Mommy. Even Shadow waz nys ta me all day. It waz wunnerful. And now I gets ta pawtay wif all mai fwiends tooday. I culd get usta dis birfday stuffs.

I hopes efurrywun tellyports ova fur da pawtay. Mommie gots us lotsa tem-tay-suns an chikens and STEAK too ta munchy on! An I iz gonna getsta twy mai furry fyrst Niptini (I canna wayts). Oh an we can go owtsyd tooday too (az long az yoo hav a harness cuz we donna hav a fens).

Shadow evan sed he will lets us pway wif hiz toys an pway restle wif him. So cum on ova an shares in da fun. Efurrywun iz welcum ta come. Bwing yur woofies and buns and birdies too if yoo want.