Friday, February 29, 2008

Funnies Friday

Mommie waz layzee last nite an didna tayk anee pictyoors of me. Soes fur tooday, Iz gunna gives yoo sum cyoot stuffs frum ICHC to giggles at.

Hehehe, dat las wun is mai favurite wun.

Haves a gud weekens to alla mai fwiends! Iz hopes yoo all gets extwa snuggles and lurves frum yur beans. Stay warms too (Mommie sez mor white stuffs iz cummin tooday, soes wez gunna snuggles lots to stay warm here).



Thursday, February 28, 2008

Too Cold Thursday

Itz too cold to do anyfing today. Da talky box guy sed itz gonna freezey all day. I fink I will jus lay on mai cowch wit da blankey today.
Hehehe, Hi Mommie
Hmmm, dis blankey no shockey me. I lyks it.
Ahhh, all snuggleds an warm. Nite nite Mommie, Iz gonna tayks mai nappie now.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tuxie Tuesday

Lazers Locked On Target

Woofie donna stands a chance, hehehehe

Monday, February 25, 2008

Man-cat Monday

Good Mornins. Jus beins a gud Man-Cat an enspectin da taybl.

Hmm, it smells a wittle funnies.
Mommie wat dat stuffs yoo uze ta cwean mai taybl? It smellz weerd.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Fanks Effurrywun!

Fanks effurrywun fur yur purrs fur myne Mommie. She is feelin much bettur today. She has gone huntin an effurryting finawy. Evan doh I wuld lyk her to stay home wit me agan, I know she needs to hunt fur mai fuds an toys an nip.

Well here it iz. My new cowwar tag. Iz been lettin Mommie tayk pictyoors of it cuz I feel bads she wuz sikkie.
Yoo canna reed wat it sez doh so I hads her find a pictyoor of it fur yoos. It sez Iz a smitten kitten. Hehehe.
I hopes yoo all hav a furry gwate weekend. I will be spenin lotsa tyme on my cowch wit Mommie. We iz gonna gets lotsa wite cold stuff today (we gots 3 inchies alweady) soes wez gonna stay home an watch da talky box lots. I'll be bakk on Monday Mornins.



Thursday, February 21, 2008

Tagged Thursday

I gots tagged by Vincent an Mike fur a Meme. Fanks fur tinkin of me fur dis wun. I fawt long tyme bowt dis meme so here goes.

Here are the rules: You have to post who tagged you and link back to them and then to Petspixs. Then you have to tag 3 other kitties, beans, woofies, or any other assorted animal. What three things would you do that you have never done before, if you knew you wouldn’t get caught, get in trouble, or suffer any consequences?

1. Fyrst I wuld lock da woofie owtsyde soes he canna gets me wiles I eets alla his fuds. Hes got yummy fuds, but he donna shares wif me.

2. Wile da woofie is styll locked owtsyde I wuld tayk alla his toys an hidey dem ware only I can finds dem. I lurve ta bunnykick da woofies toys.

3. I wuld give Mommie da bitey all day an all nites. I fink itz fun ta give Mommie da bitey but she no lykes it so I twys not to. But I wanna.

Well dats all I gots fur today. Sowwy I hasna been commentin latesly, but myne Mommie iz styll sikky. She gots sum synus infructsyun an it mayks her all sniffy an sneezy an couffey. She no happy Mommie. I donna mynds cuz she iz reely warms wit sumting called a feeevur dat mayks her hot. I lyk to snuggles wen she iz hot cuz it mayks me warms. Well I bettur gets back to snugle an purr dooties.



Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tuxie Tuesday

Myne Mommie haz been sikky syns Saturday. Soes wez dun a hol lotssa sweepin on da bed.

Da Woofie keeped twyin ta gets in da bed too, but I whapped him good till he lays down on da floor.
I waz too cumfy an tyred to be nyce. Sowwy Mommie. Iz gwad yoo feels a wittle bettur.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Funnie on Friday

Soes Iz been finkin. Mommie gots me a new taggy fur my cowwar. I donna mynd it ats all cuz it no makes noyse or anyfing. But Mommie keeps twyin to taks a pictyoor of its an I willna lets her. She folowed me rownd da howse all nites twyin to gets da pictyoor an dis is all she gots.

In da fyrst piccy, I dwopped my chin to covers it. Hehehehe. Dis wurked pwetty gud, buts yoo can styll sees it jus a wittel bits.
Da next tyme I jus turn mai hed aways an moved it owt of da shot. Mommie was not amyoosed. I fink it waz funnies. Someday Mommie I will lets yoo get dat pyctoor of me sitting pwetty an showins it off. Jus not tooday.


Pee-Ess - Did yoo heer wat happens to myn vawentynz sisfur? Poor Missy Blue Eyes gots a boo boo on her eye! Pweese go to her bwoggy an leeve sum puuurrrrrrssssssss for her.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Vawentynz Day!

YAY, She sed yess! Shez da most byootiful (an da only girl) in da Dinah Mites Cwan. Yoo cann see how pwetty she is on her sisfurs Missy and KC bwog.

Dis iz mai sexay Man-Cat look. Wat yoo fink?? Aynt I hansum?

Well Iz gotsta get sum gud gwoomin in now cuz Mommie sez wes gonna hav a special Mommie + Man-Cat (an woofie) nite wen she get homes frum huntin.
I dunna noe bowt dis vawentynz day stuffs, but iffen Iz gonna hav speshul tyme wit Mommie tonite, Iz gotsta luks mai best! *psssst - Is mai furs stikkin ups anyware?*
Hope all yoo kittehs get to spen sum kwality tyme wit yur Mommies an Daddies tonite too.

Puuurrrrssss an kitteh kissys


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Pee Ess - My fwiends Riley, Tiki an Kesey gaves me bak da awardy dat Shadow mades. Fanks a bunch guys!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Tuxie Tuesday

No Mommie, I wasna gonna jumps on da table an steels yur icy tea.
I was jus makin sures yoo had enuffs cuz I waz on mai way to da fud room.




Monday, February 11, 2008

Man-Cat Monday

Soes I tolds myne Mommie I waz sowwy an gived her lots of snuggles wen she gots home from wurk. I tawt she forgiveded me cuz she spents all day with me on saturday. I waz purrins an purrins all day on myne Mommie. It waz gwate.

But den on Sunday she dis-peeeered fur almost da hole day! I waz lyke oh noes she styll mads at me. Den wen she gots home she wen rite to beds withowt me. Soes I broke owt her flashy box ting to see ware she waz all day. Dis iz wats I fownd.
Why is dat bear on ice skates? OH NO! Look owt kids, hez gonna eets yoo.Iz totawy confusded. I has no ideas wat dis is all abowt, but at leest Mommie wasna pwayin wit otter kitties. An she did leeve da woofie homes alone wit me all day too so may be shes not mads wit me no more. Iz just gwad she wasna pwayin wit utter kitties all days wifowt me. An she pwomised to snuggles me agan today wen she gets home frum huntin too. But I donna see how dese guys on ice can be mor fun den stayin homes wit me. *sigh* Beans arr weeerd.



Friday, February 8, 2008

Ummmm, Mommie

Iz reely sowwy fur pullin da pwug owt on yur alarmy clokk an mades yoo lates fur wurk. It no happens agan.

I hopes all mai fwiends has a gud weekend. I no visit tooday cuz Mommie iz reely busy at wurks now since I kinna unpwugged her noisy alarm clokk las nite an her co-hunter hads to calls her too see y she no at wurk dis mornin. Now she gotsta stay layt an makes up da tyme so she can buys me mai fud. *sigh*



Thursday, February 7, 2008

Thursday Thinkins

Dearyst Mommie,

We needs to talks bowt dis tayble. Dis iz mai tayble now an I wuld lyke fur yoo to muvs yur stuff sumware else.

Iz twied to be nyce bowt dis an just whap da remotez on da floor wares yoo culd styll fin dem. Buts yoo keeps puttin dem bakk in my spot. See dis is ware I watchy my cartunes an yur stuffs arr in da way. An donna tink I willna whap dis stinky bowl on da floor too. I donna cares if it is gwass and antyks, it smelly an it rooins my at... atmo... MAI TAYBLE espeeryence.

Oh an whyles yoo at it, dis cwothin thin is ryooinin da funs I culd have in my cavey. Pweese gives it a noo home soes I can haves mor rooms to pway. Tanks fur yoo cowhaperaytuns.



Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Woofie Wednesday

Well hello there! Its Shadow again for another exciting Woofie Wednesday. I figured since the kitteh hasn't let me blog in a little while, I would steal his blog today and give you a little something more than a "wordless woofie" day.

pssssssttt: can you see him behind me spying? he's making sure I don't say anything bad about him.

Okay he's gone now so we can talk about the woofies. I have noticed that most of you kittehs out there do not let your woofies blog for themselves. This distresses me sometimes. However there are a few of you who do and I thank you for being friends to a woofie.

Which is why I had Mommie make up this great award for all of you! And you don't even need to have a woofie brother/sister to receive it.

Here are the rules: Give this award to at least one blogger who has a woofie as a friend. If they let a woofie blog sometimes, posts information on woofie safety, or just love to cuddle with a woofie of their own, then send this award to them. Make sure you leave a comment on their blog letting them know you are giving them this award and don't forget to link back to the person who gave it to you.

I am going to give this award to my friends at Jan's Funny Farm and at Camie's Kitties. Those kittehs know how to treat their woofies good and it makes me proud to call them my friends. Have a wonderful woofie day all.


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Tuxie Tuesday and Awardy Too!

*Update on evil tunnel*

Mommie finawy gots a lettur frum da Petco bowt da mean tunnel dat hurty me. Dey sed dey contakted da manu... manufa.... maker of da tunnel an tol dem bowt mai boo boo an sed dey shuld finda way to mayks it not hurt kittehs anymur. Oh an dey sent mai Mommie some green papers to pay her bakk fur da V-E-T visit an da papers she gaves dem fur da tunnel too! Mommie waz vewy shokked abowt da green papers an sed she didna tink dey wuld do dat, but iz vewy happie dat dey did. She sed she will styll takes me to Petco, we jus gonna chekk fur hurty stuff afor we buys it an tayks it homes wit us. Pwus she sez dey have da bestest pricey fur my yummy crunchies too.

Now, on to my awardy. My cyoot new wittle fwiends Lyra and Caesar gaves me dis awardy. Dat waz furry sweet of dem cuz I didna gets dis wun yet. Iz vewy happy dat dey arr bloggy kittehs an Mommie gets ta watchy dem grows up. Corse evawytym she sees der bloggy she says she wantsta gets me a kitten. Ummmmm, Mommie......NO!!!! (hehehe).

Iz gonna pass dis awardy on to sum of mai fwiends.

Boots and the Interloperes: Evrytyme I see dey updated der bloggie I gets weal happies an canna wate to see wat dey gotsta sai dis tyme. An I lurve dat dey havs a woofie jus lyke me.

Isis: Cuz Iz lurnin lots bowt how kittehs an ware dey cum frum. An dat mayks Mommie happies cuz Iz not askin her mai qwestyuns.

M-Cat Club: Tigger it mayks mai day evwyday wen I gets to cum hang wit da guys an lurn hows ta be a gud man-cat. Tanks fur letting us Mini-Mancats hangs owt too an lurn frum da best man-cat roll moduls on da bloggysphere.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Mini Man-Cat Mail

I gots mail frum The Tuxedo Gang today. Itz mai pwize fur gessin da Gang Member frum da utter day.

Mommie! Mommie! MEOW! Mommie, opens it. I wanna sees wat it iz...........

Itz a calwender! An itz gots all des cyoot kittehs on it too.

Mommie can we hangs it in mai room wit my cagey soes I can sees it wens I eets?? Pweeeeeeese