Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Reesuns I am NOT happies rite now...

1. Stupid Shadow keeps eetin mai fuds. I donna eets hiz fud, I jus steels it an bats it arownd da floor fur him ta find laters.

2. Mai toyz arr losted. I canna finds dem an Mommie haz been too bizzy ta helps me look fur dem.

3. Der iz dis blak bag fing on mai tayble an itz blokkin da vue of da talky box. Ware am I sposeta lay down an naps????

4. Mommie bowt sum furry coool noo toyz an tols me I wasna lowd ta pway wif dem. Wats up wif dat? Did yoo not reeds #2? MAI TOYZ ARR LOSTED WOOMAN! I need noo wuns

5. Da stooopid neybor woofies in da seeelin mayk too much noiz. Stops it up der, I iz twyin ta naps heer.

6. Mommie hasna been hom much dis week. She coms home frum hunting, walkies da dawg, givs me mai tweets, den she leeves. Yoo canna jus leeve me heer all da tym wif dat dawg.

7. Wen Mommie duz com home she duz nofing but cleens an put stuff in dat bag on mai taybl. I fink der iz sumfin fishy goin on an I donna fink its a tasty fishie.

8. Mommie tols me dis mornin ta say bye bye to da woofie fur a fyoo days. Why? Ware duz he fink hez goin? Why cant I go too?

9. Da neybor ladie haz been cumin ova at nites ta pway wif me. I donna myn da pwayin parts, but she neva dun dis afor.

10. Neybor ladie also sed sumfin bowt spendin lotsa tym toogefur. Ummm, no fanks. I want mai Mommie pweese.

11. Mommie hasna tayked pyctoors of me at all tooday. She sed da flashy box iz pakked up fur da weekend. Why?

12. Mommie iz keepin a secret frum me an I donna lyk it at all. She sez she will tell me toomorow.


Iz gonna go tayk a nappie an hopes diz hole day has been a dreems.

***NO MOMMIE I AM NOT MOPINS. I donna evan noe wat mopins iz.


Daisy said...

She is putting stuff in a black box? This does not sound good. I hope she does not go away for very long.

I hope you can find your toys again!

PB 'n J said...

Uh oh Chance - this does not sound good!

Jans Funny Farm said...

It sounds like your mom is being very sneaky. And it sounds like bad news. We'll keep checking to be sure you and Shadow are okay.

Zippy, Sadie, Speedy and M'Gee said...

Oh oh, dat does not sound furry good at all...we think she might be "packing" and dat means she's going away! She better not go away, moms are apposta stay home wif us kitties.

Mr. Echo said...

My peeple jes did this! Yoo bin abandoned! Make plans now for reevenge...

Queen Snickers, Empress and Princess Renna said...

Oh no bag packed! Sound like trouble!! btw Thanks for the sooo cool gifts!! We have been having a blast! That nanner is a huge hit. hehe everything in the box also smelled like nip nanner, even the woofie shirt! Renna didn't know why we wanted to be around her all of a sudden. haha It is a bit big on her right now, but she'll grow into it in no time! For now its a cute night gown. :) ~Queen Snickers