Monday, February 23, 2009

Library Time - Update

Hi guys! Mommie found the library in our neighborhood and got herself a library card. We still don't have a computer and Mommie still doesn't have a day hunting jobbie. But do not worries because we are doing okay. Her night time hunting jobbie is giving her lots more stuff to do and she is making enough green papers to buy our foods and treats and toys and stuff. We just don't access to a computer all the time so we still can't bloggy alot. I just wanted to let all you know that we are still here and still doing goods. We might still move to Pittsburgh with Uncle Joshie if Mommie does not finds a new day jobbie, but Mommie is still hopefulls. I told her I wouldn't mind going to live with Uncle Joshie cause then I would be about an hour moving room ride from the nice shelter people who helped with my transport to my Mommie. I would love to go back and visit with them and let them see what a big handsome man-cat I have become. Well I better get going cause we only gets an hour and Mommie wants to pay her bills and stuff too. Imp, Shadow and me miss all of you and hope everyone is doing great. We gots all of your emails and are super glad we made wonderful friends like all of you. Puuuuurrrrrrssssssssss and Lovey paws from Imp and huge sloppy woofie kisses from Shadow too.



Dearest Nina,

I just wanted to let you know that I miss you mosts of all and hope you have not forgottens about me. You are still the most beautiful girl kitty I haves ever met! I just got back from visiting your blog and saw your six month blogoversary post. HUBBA HUBBA!!! Congrats on being with you family for soo long and Puuuurrrrrrrrrsssssssssssssssssss and kitty kissys from me. Oh, and Mommie said its cool if you wanna come over during the days for snuggle times. Its still super colds here and I could use a hot mama like you to warm me up. Hehehehe