Thursday, August 28, 2008

Very Excited on Thursday

Hello Friends, Shadow here with some exciting news. UNCLE JOSH IS COMING TO VISIT! I love Uncle Josh big time and can't wait to see him again. He lives in Pittsburgh where the fantastic Steelers play (Mommie made me say that). He is a huge Steelers fan just like Mommie. We is soo very happy that he is finally coming to visit us. We have not seen him in years. This is what he looks like (sorry the quality is crappy, but Mommie had to scan this picture).

This is Uncle Josh and Diesel. Uncle Josh used to work in a program that took in abused and neglected dogs and rehabilitate them for adoption. Diesel was the very first dog he helped and Diesel fell head over heels in love with Uncle Josh. Mommie says that literally he did. Everytime he would see Uncle Josh come through the dog yard he would roll over on his back and whine like crazy until Josh finally came over and gave him some scritches. Not bad for a puppy who was being hurted by his humans until he was surrendered at 8 months. Mommie says that Uncle Josh just has a way with animals. Like the dog whisperer or something. Maybe that's why I love him sooooo very much. I can't wait until he gets here. WOOF!

Oh, Chance wants me to let all of our friends know that we will not be back online until Tuesday. Mommie took the day off from day hunting tomorrow so that she can clean the apartment for Uncle Josh's visit. This is her very first apartment and this will be the very first time Uncle Josh gets to see it so she wants everything to be perfect (which means I have to try to not pee in the house for the whole day....that may be tough). And of course she has Monday off for the Labor Day so she will be going out golfing with her friends. I hope all of our American friends have a wonderful holiday and all our other friends have a wonderful weekend!

Woofs and Sloppy Kisses


Oooo lookie lookie! Mai fwiends Sen-Chan and Tom gave me dis wunnerfuls awardie! Fank yoo soo much guys. We iz furry happies dat we arr all fwiends an hopes we will be fwiends fur a long long tym. We wil do da taggies fur dis wun on Tuesday syns Mommie is furry bizzy at her day huntin tooday twyin ta get all her stuffs dun afor she tayks her vaykayshun.



Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wonderfull Wednesday

I am gettin az much lap tym az I can rite now. She duzna start da noo jobie fur a few weeks cuz da fud pwace isna opens yet. But wuns she starts it she willna be home az much az she iz now so I hafta get all da lappy tym I can until den. Fanks effurywun fur da puurrrssss an thawts yesserday. I am shur dey arr da reesun her noo boss man gav her da jobbie. Now Mommie can go buy me more tem-tay-shuns. YUMMS



Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Thoughts on Tuesday

Donna tell Mommie I tols yoo dis, but we hav been runnin reel reel low on da green papers laytly. See Mommie used ta hav two huntin jobbies but da second pwace she hunted at had ta cwose down cuz dey culdna pay der beans anymores. Soe Mommie haz been hafin ta luk fur a noo hunting jobbie. Last nite she finawwy gots a call frum a furry nys man hoo askeded her ta see him to nite bowt wurkin at his fud eetin pwace. Sumfin caled a innervyoo. She seems reel reel sited bowt dis an I waz wunnerin if all yoo kittehs owt der culd purr fur her to get dis noo jobbie. I noes der iz sum sik kittehs owt der hoo needs it more den she duz, but iffen yoo hav a extwa mynut, we wuld reelly preshiate its. Fanks.



Monday, August 25, 2008

Man-Cat Monday

Finawwy back on Mommies lap ware I belongs.

Happy Not The Mama Day!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Finally Friday

Hope yoo all hav a gud weeken. Mommie an me will be sittin on da cowch watching da Olympics agan. Mommie sez dey arr almos ova which meens I can hav mai Mommie lap bak. Mommie jumps arownd too much dese dayz. Until den I iz jus gonna hog da dawgs pillow.



Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

See, I iz styl cyoot. Tayk mai pyctoor Mommie! Fank Yoo.



Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tuxie Tuesday

Mommie didna tayk any pyctoors uf me to day. She finks dat yesserdays pyctoor iz soo speshul dat she culd neva get a bettur wun. I tol her dat if she duzna tayk mai pyctoor all mai fwiends will fink dat I runned away or sumfin an I donna wants dat. *sigh* I will twy agan to nite ta mayk her tayk a pyctoor uf mai hansumness ta show yoo all dat I iz styl heer. May be iffen I shares mai pillow wif da dawg agan she will fink itz cyoot enuff fur da flashy box. Dat iz if she can dwag herself away frum da Olympics long enuff ta see us.



Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday Sharing

I gess we can shares da pillow. But jus fur a lytle bits.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Friday, August 15, 2008

Bizzy Friday

Jus wanna pop on kwick an wish alla mai fwiends a gwate weeken. We iz sooper bizzy rownd heer today. Afer day huntin Mommie hazta dog sit the *gulp* 3 Pitbulls next door! She sed she willna bwings dem ova ta meet me (fank gudness) but she does hafta walk em an pway wif dem cuz der beans arr camping. An acorse she gotsta feeds dem an giv dem tweets an scritches. I donna myn cuz I noes dat she will jus be next door iffen I needs her. Hav a Happy Weekend!



Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Fings I lurned bowt da Olympics dis week.

1. Beans can do twicks. I didna noes dis cuz mai Mommie doesna do any twicks.

2. Beans do twicks fur shiny metal fings. I lyk shiny fings too but I izna gonna do twicks fur dem.

3. China iz a beyootiful cuntry. Lotsa purrty bildings.

4. Michael Phelps iz not hyoomin. He iz a waterpwoof robotyc swimmin masheen!

5. Beans arr crazy bowt water. Dey do flips offa bords just ta lands in da water an gets wet. Furry furry weerd.

6. Firewurks arr purrty. Even on da talky box dey arr brite an flashy an lotsa purrty colors.

7. Sumtyms da beans lyk ta pway fetch lyk woofies but in dis stuff called sand. Mommie sez itz called volliballs.

8. I lyk ta see beans on two weeled fings. (Bicycles) Whateva. Dey go soo fast I canna luk away or dey wil get losted.

9. Shadow duzna care bowt da Olympics. He jus sleeps thru dem. Corse he sleeps thru efurryfing alla tym.

10. Mommie only lyks ta watchy surtain fings in da Olympics. Da ofur stuff she jus walks away frum.

11. Weneva der iz a long comurshal brake, Mommie walks da woofie so he duzna bother her wen sumfing gud is on.

12. Olympics meens lotsa lap tym. Nuff sed.

13. Da Olympics tayk too long an arr on well inta da nite tym. I iz havin trubble stayin awakes fur it all.

Wat did yoo lurn bowt da Olympics?



Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tired Tuxie Tuesday

I fink I iz gonna naps untyl Mommie gets home frum day huntin. We wer up reel reel layt las nite watchin da Olympics agan an I iz pweewped.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Man-Cat Monday

Dis iz ware I spended mosta mai weeken. Mommie bowted me a Boogie Mat at da Petco store an put it in mai hammick! I lurves it lots an lots. Soes Mommie an I watcheded da Olympics all weeken long an it waz pawsum! Asept for da water parts, why do dey do dat stuffs? I jus stood der lookin at em wunnerin why dey splashin rownds in all dat water wen dey culd just clims owt. It waz furry furry weerd. But da girls doin da flippys on da bars an on dat long beem wer furry innerestin. Dey can do better flips an leeps den I can. An da boyz hoo play da B-Ball wonded der fyrst gaym! We iz furry happies wif da U.S.A. rite now an hope dey can keeps up da good wurk.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Finally Friday

Itz been such a long week I iz happies itz Friday. All de asitement of mai missin toyz haz worn me owts.
I fink Imma nappies till Monday.
Hopes yoo all haf a gwate weeken!



Peee Essss........Mommie an I arr sooper asited fur da Olympics dat starts tonite in da U.S.A. Dis will be mai fyrst Olympics an Mommie sez we will eets popcorn an watch beans jump off hi bords inta pools uf water an do flippys an stuffs. Dat sowns lyk wat woofies do fur tweets. I canna wates ta see beans do twicks. I wunner wat kinda tweets dey will gets...........

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Truth on Thursday

MOMMIE!! I wants mai toyz.

Mommie: Okay okay, relax a bit. I will tell you what happened to your toys just calm down a second.

Okies Mommie, jus lets me gets comfy heer.....

Mommie: Do you wanna here this or not?

Okies okies, I iz reddy. Now tells me wat happen to mai toyz?

Mommie: Remember how all last week Shadow was being a naughty naughty doggie and kept making a mess of your litter box while I was day hunting?

Uh huh, I amembers. He keeped tippin mai box ova an spillin its.

Mommie: Well I got tired of cleaning up the mess everyday so I moved all of your toys and things to the sitting room for you. That way I can close the door and seperate Shadow from the side of the apartment that has your litter box in it.

Ooooooo, soes all mai toyz arr jus inna nutter room?

Mommie: Yup, all your toys are just in the other room. Feel better now?

Much bettur. Fanks Mommie! Now I can nappies happies agan.



Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Missing Toys on Tuesday

Well fyns Mommie. Iffen yoo willna helps me luk fur mai toyz den I will jus does it maiself.

I wunner ware dey culd hav gones.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Man-Cat Monday

Mommie....... Why arent mai toys in mai tent ware I puts dem??

Friday, August 1, 2008

Finally Friday

I haz been waytin all week fur Friday an itz finawy heer! All I gotsta do now iz curl up fur wun long nappie an den Mommie will be home fur da hole weeken! Hope all mai fwiends hav gwate weekens too!