Wednesday, November 28, 2007

It's Official!

Chances Mommy: It is all arranged and we are ready to go. I got an Email from Mr. Hendrix's mommy today. Chance has been cleared by the V.E.T. to travel the 9 hours home to me. We have a meeting place and everything all set up so he can take a break at the halfway point to stretch and dirty some litter. hehe. A nice lady at the Humane Society said she can let us use one of their kitty kennels to let him play and get to know me a little bit before he has to finish his trip! Isn't that nice of them? Shadow and I are soo very excited to get Chance home with us. We have been prepping all week and spending lots of green papers on new toys and fun stuff to make him happy and comfortable. Oh, and Millie and her Mommy have been working very, very hard to make sure he has his very own Gizzy quilt when he gets home! So of course on Monday I will make sure Chance gets to post for the very first time and put up pictures in his new home with his Gizzy quilt and everything.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Chilly Sunday Afternoon

Shadow here: Just relaxing on Sunday, watching the big guys throw futballs around the field. It was a bity chilly today so I had to curl up under Mommy's blankie. I can't wait till my new brother gets here and we can snuggle together on cold days.

So Mommy and I just did a lot of relaxing this weekend. She decided it was a good time to luv and cuddle on me since she will be soo busy next week helping my little brother get comfurtables in his new home. But I don't mind. I even helped her set up the cage that will be his new bed till he gets fully betters. It used to be my cagey when I was a naughty little puppy, but that was a very very long time ago. Now I'm all trained and graduated from manners school. And of course being an old and gray mature doggie, I'm a lot calmer than I used to be. Well I'm off to naps again for a while. Mommy is at work and doesn't know I stole Chance's bloggie today. Hey I needs to practice if I'm goings to teach him how to bloggie when Mommy is away!
Lots of wet slobbery kisses to all the kitties (and cute girl puppies too!)

Friday, November 23, 2007

Hello Friends!!

Chances Mommy: Even though Chance has not yet made it home to me, I wanted to start up a blog just for him so he can keep in touch with all of the friends he has already made on the blogosphere. This way all of the kitties who purred for him and all the beans who prayed can stay updated with his recovery and watch him grow to be a mancat. And of course his new fur-brother will be making an appearance once in a while to keep his little brother in line. And I would like to Thank all of you who read his story and found a place for him in your hearts. There are a lot of kitties out there who are lucky to be with such wonderful beans!