Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Tuxie Tuesday and Awardy Too!

*Update on evil tunnel*

Mommie finawy gots a lettur frum da Petco bowt da mean tunnel dat hurty me. Dey sed dey contakted da manu... manufa.... maker of da tunnel an tol dem bowt mai boo boo an sed dey shuld finda way to mayks it not hurt kittehs anymur. Oh an dey sent mai Mommie some green papers to pay her bakk fur da V-E-T visit an da papers she gaves dem fur da tunnel too! Mommie waz vewy shokked abowt da green papers an sed she didna tink dey wuld do dat, but iz vewy happie dat dey did. She sed she will styll takes me to Petco, we jus gonna chekk fur hurty stuff afor we buys it an tayks it homes wit us. Pwus she sez dey have da bestest pricey fur my yummy crunchies too.

Now, on to my awardy. My cyoot new wittle fwiends Lyra and Caesar gaves me dis awardy. Dat waz furry sweet of dem cuz I didna gets dis wun yet. Iz vewy happy dat dey arr bloggy kittehs an Mommie gets ta watchy dem grows up. Corse evawytym she sees der bloggy she says she wantsta gets me a kitten. Ummmmm, Mommie......NO!!!! (hehehe).

Iz gonna pass dis awardy on to sum of mai fwiends.

Boots and the Interloperes: Evrytyme I see dey updated der bloggie I gets weal happies an canna wate to see wat dey gotsta sai dis tyme. An I lurve dat dey havs a woofie jus lyke me.

Isis: Cuz Iz lurnin lots bowt how kittehs an ware dey cum frum. An dat mayks Mommie happies cuz Iz not askin her mai qwestyuns.

M-Cat Club: Tigger it mayks mai day evwyday wen I gets to cum hang wit da guys an lurn hows ta be a gud man-cat. Tanks fur letting us Mini-Mancats hangs owt too an lurn frum da best man-cat roll moduls on da bloggysphere.


Diamond Emerald-Eyes said...

Well I'm glad you got things worked out with the tunnel - kind of. We almost never shop at Petco, we purfer Pet Supermarket!

Tybalt said...

Congratulations on your award, Chance! You certainly deserve it.

I'm glad Petco was nice to you and your mommy . . . and them sending the green papers was very nice!

The Meezers or Billy said...

concatulations on your award!!

Petco was furry good to gif back some green papers

Isis said...

Oh thank you for my award! :) That was very nice of you... I'm very glad to help you learn about where ickle baby kittens come from too, especially iffen it stops you asking your Mom too many embarrassing questions! ;) It's so funny when Mom's go all red in the face when you as them those sort of things! ;) Luckily Mummy and my brother Ramses sat me down and explained it all to me before letting me meet Dan! ;) Oh and Mummy helps me read my pregnancy book and learn stuff every week now! :) In just a few more weeks they'll be kicking!


MEStaton said...

Hi Chance, we're glad you like the award you certainly disserve it. We like to read your blog everyday. We're glad about PetCo too. Momma says she's not gonna get us a tunnel thingy now incase it hurts us too. So we ate her ham samwich :)

Jan Price said...

Chance, You deserve the award. Congratulations.

And we're glad you mom got green papers for your boo boo. She helped save other kitties from getting the same injury - or worse.

jans funny farm

SophieKitty said...

You should get an award for your activism. Making toys safer for all kitties is an important cause. Good job, Chance and Mom!

Motor Home Cats said...

We are very glad that Petco gave your mommy green papers to pay for your vet visit. Mom says customer service like that makes people want to go shop there. Mom said she wouldn't have gone there again if they hadn't treated you well, but now she will. She has to get Camie covers for her tags there so they don't make a lot of noise - lol.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

Ramses said...

Isis wanted me to let you know she has a party next Tuesday and would love it if you'd come along! :)




We are happy that Petco paid for your V.e.t.

Mostly though we are glad you weren't seriously hurt by that tunnel toy and that you back to being your happy and lovable self.


Sunny's Mommy said...

Congratulations on your award :-D

I'm glad your Mommie got her green papers back for her expenses.

Parker said...

I'm glad that you got your green papers back! Mommy was very surprised that you did!

Wrigley, Cobalt, & Penelope said...

We are sorry to hear you got hurt, but happy that they are going to fix it and you got some green papers for it.

Kitties are lots of fun, and really not so bad!! We just have lots and lots of energy.