Monday, March 10, 2008

Manic Man-Cat Monday

Stooopid blogger willna lets me post pictyoors tooday.

Mommie iz wurkin extwa hards soes I canna visits mai fwiends.

Alla mai toyz haves been moooved frum ware I puts dem cuz of da lowd sukkin ting dat eets dem.

Mommie washded all mai blankies an beds rownd da howsie an now dey no smells lyk me no mores.

Stooopid Shadow keeps eetins MAI fud an now I hasta wates till Mommie gets home ta feeds me more.

Ohh, an Mommie went to da Petco stores agan dis weeken an she petted uder WOOFIES! She sed dey waz cyoot woofies like mai fwiend Cammie an dey were rescyued frum racin too. I donna tink dat iz a gud reeson ta pets all of dem an cum home smellin lyks dem, but at leest she no bwing wun home lyk she wansted.

Wat a cwazy weekens I had. I fink dis Man-Cat (in training) iz gonna nap away dis Monday.




PB 'n J said...

Napping sounds like a good idea Chance! We hate it when mommy goes to petsmart and comes home smelling like other woofies and kitties - not cool!

Diamond Emerald-Eyes said...

She can pets them just as long as she doesn't bring them home. The same with Stinky Rental Cat. She can go visit, but he stays at the Rental Office.

Daisy said...

Blogger is very, very BAD sometimes.

It sounds like you have a lot of work to do to get your smell back on all of your blankets and beds.

Motor Home Cats said...

This must be the day to have the rug sucking monster out, and for mom's to wash bedding. Camie's beds a re completely taken apart so Mom can wash the covers. She also washed all of the blankets, towels, etc. She didn't use the rug sucking monster because it needed to be cleaned, so she is waiting for it to dry. We are glad that they have "show and tells" for greys where you are too. They are really good woofies.

Tiki, Tavi and Cody

Isis said...

Stooopid blogger let me put up kitten pics today! :)