Monday, January 14, 2008

Monday Update

My Mommie wented all da wayz to Petco gain to tellz dem bowt my tunnel. Da man she talkeded to was weal wurreed bowt me and askes all kinna qwestyuns. Den askded if Mommie culd gets a copee of da papers frum da V-E-T. So Mommie calls dem up and dey fass it rite ova to da Petco store. Den dey mayd Mommie fills owt all kinsa papers at a desssk in da office room. Da nyce Petco man sat on da floor an pets me da hole tyme an gaves me sum new bitey mousies. Den affer a squillion howrs, dey gav Mommie sum green papers and sed she wuld gets a letter in da black box on da road in a weeks fur her wecords an dat wuld tells her da owtcum of da incident weport.

Affer all dis I wuz tyred wen we gots home and Mommie waz styll not happies. She sez if dey donna do sumting den she will has to wevolt gainst dem an sumting bowt a boy-cot. I dunno wat dat is, but if she no lykes da Petco no mores, were she gunna gets my toys an foods?????

Mommie: Chance, we could always go to PetSmart. They have your food and all of your favourite toys there too. There are other pet stores we can go to. Don't worry.

Whew, okies Mommie. Den it no matter to me slong az I can go to doze stores too. Dat waz lottsa fun.


Daisy said...

Chance, you should be very proud of your mom for standing up for all cats!

Parker said...

Petco really doesn't have a good track record with animals.
Google "petno." Petco and Iams try to look pet friendly, but they really aren't...
I am glad that Chase is OK!

The Furry Kids said...

Holy cats, Chance! You've had a rough week. I can't believe that your tunnel bited you. I hope your boo boo is feeling better and we're glad that your mom let them know how dangerous the tunnel was.


Diamond Emerald-Eyes said...

I like PetSmart better than Petco. I got a new tunnel this week and it has not bited me!

Queen Snickers, Empress and Princess Renna said...

Momma already goes to PetSmart. She has not found a PetCo nearby that was not stinky and dirty. We are lucky though, Momma found a kitty boutique called Cat Connection near her day hunting spot that sells special food I have to have and has TONS of cool toys and kitty needs. Momma said they even have a cat only salon and hotel! ~Queen Snickers

Motor Home Cats said...

Well, we are glad that your mommy was able to talk to Petco, and hopefully, something will happen more than just an incident report. We are glad you are getting better.

Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

Jan Price said...

Good for your mom! We're glad she is ready to fight for safe toys for all of us.

We're celebrating Annie's return with a long nap. Night

jans funny farm

Sunny's Mommy said...

Petco just opened a store in our town. I won't be shopping there, partially due to this, and the fact we have a smaller pet store in town we already shop at.

I'm wondering what their letter to your Mommy is going to say. I'm sure she'll let us know.