Thursday, August 28, 2008

Very Excited on Thursday

Hello Friends, Shadow here with some exciting news. UNCLE JOSH IS COMING TO VISIT! I love Uncle Josh big time and can't wait to see him again. He lives in Pittsburgh where the fantastic Steelers play (Mommie made me say that). He is a huge Steelers fan just like Mommie. We is soo very happy that he is finally coming to visit us. We have not seen him in years. This is what he looks like (sorry the quality is crappy, but Mommie had to scan this picture).

This is Uncle Josh and Diesel. Uncle Josh used to work in a program that took in abused and neglected dogs and rehabilitate them for adoption. Diesel was the very first dog he helped and Diesel fell head over heels in love with Uncle Josh. Mommie says that literally he did. Everytime he would see Uncle Josh come through the dog yard he would roll over on his back and whine like crazy until Josh finally came over and gave him some scritches. Not bad for a puppy who was being hurted by his humans until he was surrendered at 8 months. Mommie says that Uncle Josh just has a way with animals. Like the dog whisperer or something. Maybe that's why I love him sooooo very much. I can't wait until he gets here. WOOF!

Oh, Chance wants me to let all of our friends know that we will not be back online until Tuesday. Mommie took the day off from day hunting tomorrow so that she can clean the apartment for Uncle Josh's visit. This is her very first apartment and this will be the very first time Uncle Josh gets to see it so she wants everything to be perfect (which means I have to try to not pee in the house for the whole day....that may be tough). And of course she has Monday off for the Labor Day so she will be going out golfing with her friends. I hope all of our American friends have a wonderful holiday and all our other friends have a wonderful weekend!

Woofs and Sloppy Kisses


Oooo lookie lookie! Mai fwiends Sen-Chan and Tom gave me dis wunnerfuls awardie! Fank yoo soo much guys. We iz furry happies dat we arr all fwiends an hopes we will be fwiends fur a long long tym. We wil do da taggies fur dis wun on Tuesday syns Mommie is furry bizzy at her day huntin tooday twyin ta get all her stuffs dun afor she tayks her vaykayshun.




Christine and FAZ said...

We hope you have a wonderful time with your Uncle Josh he is obviously a very nice human if he helps dogs. FAZ

Nina Torbie said...

Gosh, you have special visitors coming? I wonder if I have any uncles... aunts... cousins! More people to meet? Eep!

Chance, it would be nice to nap with you sometime, but maybe not with cleaning and visitors.
Purrs and sandpaper kisses,

PB 'n J said...

Have fun with your Uncle Josh - he looks like a fun guy!

Boy said...

Uncle Josh sounds cool! Have fun!

Sunny's Mommy said...

I hope all of you have a wonderful visit with Uncle Josh and a super terrific holiday weekend :-D Congratulations on your award, Shadow!

Motor Home Cats said...

We hope you have a great time with your Uncle Josh. It sounds like he is a dog whisperer. Is he a cat whisperer too?

Tiki, Tavi, Cody, Camie and Miss Jade

Mark's Mews (Marley, Lori, Loki, and Binq) said...

Congrats on the great awardie! Buy some ham wif it!

Jans Funny Farm said...

We hope you have a terrific visit with Uncle Josh. It sounds like it will be lots of fun for you.

Skeezix the Cat said...

Hey, Chance, concatulayshuns for winning my 1500th post contest! Yoo win yer choice of one of the following:

1) Skeezy Keds;

2) a $50 amazon gift sertifikit; or

3)two of the following Skeezy swag items: the pink cap, polo shert, or travel mug.

Lemme know whut yoo wunt, and send me yer shipping adress! (skeezix AT skeezixthecat DOT com)