Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thursday Thirteen Tattle

I noes dat yoo iz sposeta tattles on sumwun udder dan yurself, but Mommie finks I am vewy weerd an sez I shuld tells yoo bowt sum stuffs I do.

1. I donna lyk wen Mommie opens da winnow to da "owtsyd". I fink it iz vewy scawy owt der an I will not goes in da sleep room till she cwoses da winnow.

2. I lurve wen Mommie opens da front door. I sits on da taybl wif mai nosey in da air an smells da airs. I canna sees da "owtsyd", but I can heer an smells it.

3. I lyk ta cuddl up rite next ta Mommie wen she is sleepins. I rub on her an purrs till she twies ta pets me.....den I gives her da bitey.

4. Wen Mommie tayks a baff she hazta leeve da curtan opens soes I can sees her at all tyms. I will open da curtan iffen she closes it.

5. Wunce da curtan iz opens, I cwimb on da sides of da tub an pway in da water wif mai paw. An I eets any bubles dat arr floatins on da tops. (Mommie sez donna wurry, she uses all natural vegan bath products dat arr edible, but taste horrible.)

6. I hav stopped eetin stinky gudness. Mommie styl gives me sum efurry mornin. I likk all da gwavy off of it an leeve da rest fur Shadow. Dis gives Shadow stinky runny poos. Mommie dosna lyks dis at all.

7. I eet da woofies fuds wen Mommie izna lukin. She heers da crunchy crunchy an afor she fins me its all gones. I also lyks ta bat da fuds unner da cold fud box.

8. Wunce I loooz a toy I donna wants ta pway wif it any mores. Iffen Mommie finds a toy unner da cowch an gets it fur me I ignores it. I donna whys.

9. I hafta lay on Mommies cwothes in da morning. If I donna gets ta lay on her cwothes I cry an cry an cry till she puts dem onna beds fur me.

10. I haz a vewy lowd meowy voyse. Sumtymes I meowy soes lowd, da neybor can heer me an she cums runnins ova ta mayk sur I iz otay.

11. Wately I haz been twyin ta cudles wif Shadow. Shadow duzna cudles wif me. He duzna lyks ta be tuched unless he iz gettin scritches frum Mommie. *sigh*

12. Shadows toys arr mor fun den myns. I steel his sqweeky toys alla tym an hides dem unner da beds ware he canna gets dem. Den I sqweeks dem an dwives him cwazy. hehehe

13. Mai fav pwace in da hole howsie iz in da litter box room. I lyk ta roll awoun on da rugs an mess dem all ups. Den Mommie hazta fixey dem soes I can mooves dem agan.

Well der arr sum of da weerd fings I do dat mayk mai Mommie laff at me. She sez I am da sillyest kitteh she haz eva nown. I donna noe wat iz soo silly doh, I fink itz jus funs.

Oh, an I iz gessin yoo notysed da Orange tooday fur da ASPCA. I am showin mai sport an goin Orange tooday. Oooooo an chekks owt da linky on da lef syd too. Yoo can signs a pwedge ta support dem an all da puddins in needs.




Anonymous said...

It is a little bit scairty outside, Chance, but we really like our yard. We have a cat flap, so if we hear any scairty noises we just scoot back through the cat flap. There's all kinds of wonderful things outside!

Parker said...

I know you had a very bad time when you lived outside, so it's OK not to want a window oprn!

Tybalt said...

You aren't strange, Chance. You are just full of character. ;)

The Furry Kids said...

Those are some neat things about you, Chance. I don't think you're weird at all. And I really like how you've trained your mom to let you lay on her clothes. hee hee


Daisy said...

I think those are some fun and interesting things about you, Chance. Like you, I give the bitey to my Mommie but I am not mad or being mean when I do it. But I still bite hard.

Chrissie said...

The outside is totally over-rated, Chance, and if you can sniff all the cool smells, then you're gettin' the best of what's out there! It sounds like you keep your mom laffin' and laffin'!

Queen Snickers, Empress and Princess Renna said...

Great T-13! and yea for Go Orange!

PB 'n J said...

Way to go orange Chance! And we don't think you're strange, we do lots of that stuff!

Mr. Hendrix said...

Great orange post Chance! I think these things are cute. I don't blame you for not wanting to see and smell the outside. Outside was not good for you so you're probably still scared. After a while, you'll like the open window.

I think it is funny you play in water! I hate it.

it is cute you need to lay on your mommy's clothes and snuggle with her on your terms. i hope Shadow want to snuggle with you soon. I'll bet you're a good snuggler.

Sunny's Mommy said...

Those are all very interesting things about you. I think it's only fair if Shadow eats your stinky goodness, you eat his crunchie food. Your Mommie should not have a problem with that. In our home, Ollie likes to share bath time with Daddy. Except she sits on the counter and plays with water in the sink.